2023 isn’t over yet but it’s already been a radical year for everyone in business.

Months are flying by due to the economy’s relentless volatility and sometimes it’s difficult to stay positive. There’s some solace, however, in knowing you’re not alone and that there are ways out of this sustained period of uncertainty if you look beyond the now.

Team Bamboo has been through our own journey full of highs and lows, so we understand the challenges we’re all facing. A source of positivity is that tough times create strong people, and resilient businesses led by strong people. While times may be tough, it’s the opportune moment to devise a strategy for years to come.

Marketing, Bamboo’s forte, has its own swathe of challenges. The introduction of Google Analytics 4 and Google Project Magi, the rapid progression and adoption of AI, the unveiling of Meta’s Threads and Twitter’s turbulent transition towards X – each of these developments have required adaptation and strategic rewrites for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

It’s easy to be disheartened and dissuaded from so much change, but we believe it’s the perfect storm which will birth a rebalanced approach. Let’s call it the return to human-led marketing.

The fanfare of AI indicates that many are excited about the possibilities that computers can create, but it’s imperative to recognise that AI is not capable of capturing the essence of effective marketing: emotion.

Why do consumers buy, remember and share products? This is a complicated question with endless potential answers, but they all lead back to how the product and its marketing make them feel.

Back to basics

If all this chaos indicates anything, it’s that it’s time to focus on what really matters.

It’s easy to get lost in the endless online developments. What’s more important is cutting through the noise and perfectly executing the tried-and-tested marketing activities that actually work for your brand.

It’s not about which AI tool you’re using to save yourself time and effort. It’s about the why, the who and the what.

Put another way, when amidst the chaos, it’s essential to focus on what you can control. Observe and assess what’s happening around you, of course, but funnel your energy into the tangibles that produce results.

So, what can you control?

  • Your mindset
  • Your strategy
  • Your messaging
  • Your offering
  • Your channels
  • Your personality
  • Your humanity

Evaluate your current standing, making sure you are keeping up with your growth and the developing environment around you. Assess each of the factors above and consider how you want them to evolve moving forward.

If you need guidance on any or all of these elements, we are here for you. You don’t have to go it alone. We pride ourselves on our empathy, care and custodianship of brands. Our ability to cut through the noise, focusing on what matters – to your company and your customers – is why technology companies work with us.

Change is the only certainty, so let’s rethink and get planning.

Doing strategy right

Your strategic planning should always cover the why, as this underpins the emotion of marketing and the fabric of your market positioning.

  • Why does your brand exist?
  • Why are your products here?
  • Why do customers buy from you?
  • Why should someone pay attention to your products?
  • Why would a customer go to a competitor?

Once you’ve uncovered the whys, ask yourself one question before creating any content asset, activity, email or message before you start creating.

What do I want this person to feel?

  • Scared?
  • Supported?
  • Excited?
  • Empowered?
  • Worried?
  • Safe?

The list goes on, but each emotion deeply affects your tone, message, choice of words, sentence length, punctuation, request and delivery.

Only humans can understand and harness this complexity. We know this sounds difficult.

There’s no need to worry. Together with Team Bamboo, prepare for 2024 and beyond with real strategies that will stand the test of time.

Our tried-and-tested services, paired with our friendly human-led approach, can guide your business to emerge from the chaos stronger and more confident.

We can help you to:

  • Set your strategy and positioning in a tumultuous economy
  • Grow your brand through attention-grabbing PR
  • Catch prospective customers’ eyes with engaging content marketing
  • Drive leads with effective outbound strategies
  • Forge meaningful human connections with memorable events
  • Stand out online with a comprehensive digital audit
  • Streamline your work operations with Bamboo in a Box
  • Build communities on the right social platforms for your business

Get in touch to discuss supplementing your strategic toolbox and forging your future with a partner you can trust.