Responsible AI Charter

This charter details Bamboo PR’s approach to responsibly using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.This best practice guidance should be read in addition to our Privacy Notice. Our Privacy Notice covers our duty of care towards personal data.Bamboo PR’s list of acceptable AI tools is subject to annual review. Tools may be added or removed periodically.

Why does this policy exist?

AI is a transformational shift in the workplace and marketing. When monumental changes like this occur, Team Bamboo treads cautiously with complete transparency to our clients and business partners.This charter outlines:

  • How we see the state of AI
  • The pros, cons, risks and threats of AI's emergence and development
  • Bamboo's ethos of how it intends to explore AI for its business and clients
  • A list of AI technologies under evaluation, in use or decommissioned, with reasoning
  • Contact details for you to reach a human to discuss

What constitutes AI

AI, chatbots and similar technologies have existed for some time. We describe AI as generative AI – the most well-known example is Chat-GPT – and tools that use advanced language processing to replicate a person – for instance, Otter AI for notetaking.

What are the benefits and opportunities?

Empowered by AI, benefits for Team Bamboo and our clients include streamlining (human-checked) research, automated notetaking, easing creative brainstorming, faster content production, team fulfilment and productivity gains.

What are the threats of AI?

The risks of unethical, untempered use of AI include plagiarism, unintentional intellectual property theft, malicious use, disinformation, a threat to livelihoods, overuse and oversaturation, dishonest client relationships and other risks.

What does this mean for clients?

Team Bamboo will share its knowledge with clients so they can plan their approaches in this interesting space and keep pace with how marketing will evolve.We will always communicate:

  • What is the tool we are using?
  • Why are we using this AI technology?
  • How will we use the technology?
  • When does this come into effect?

Data protection, privacy and intellectual property are top of our agenda, and a thorough evaluation process exists to consider our decision's micro and macro impacts.

What about the effect on Team Bamboo?

We will not replace our people with AI. Instead, we will empower them with technology, as always.

What about content production and copywriting?

Our love of words, talented experts, and our clients’ trust mean we will be a human-led company until the end of time.We will never dishonestly parade any AI-written work as our own; this charter will communicate the influence of AI on any content production, should that ever be deemed appropriate.

What AI technologies does Bamboo PR use?

No AI technologies are currently in use, and we will soon circulate details on tools we are considering.

I am an AI technology company; can you help me with marketing?

Yes, we have a long heritage of helping companies in the sector raise their brand profile and market awareness. You can read more about our AI technology marketing here.

I want to understand more about AI and Bamboo; whom do I contact?

Responsible AI use is intertwined with data privacy. Please contact or contact our Managing Director here to discuss AI generally.This policy was published on 26/04/2023 and last updated on 27/04/2023.