Establishing Transvault as a thought leader and the go-to expert on legal cloud migrations through content marketing and PR.

Transvault, cloud migration specialists, wanted to increase brand awareness in an increasingly important market. Aligning their content marketing and PR efforts was crucial for achieving this goal. Enter Team Bamboo. We developed a strategy that included:

  • Long-form blog content – This established Transvault as a thought leader. The in-depth content covered industry trends, challenges and solutions, showcasing Transvault’s expertise.
  • Targeted PR campaign – We strategically pitched Transvault to relevant media outlets in the legal sector. This approach ensured Transvault received press coverage that reached its target audience while growing its relationships with relevant journalists.

By combining high-quality content with targeted PR, Team Bamboo successfully raised Transvault’s brand awareness.

Establishing expertise through content

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a battlefield, and Google constantly changes its algorithms. It’s an ongoing challenge for business content creators. Despite the recent updates, long-form content remains a dominant force, particularly for establishing Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T).

Conquering the legal cloud

Transvault aimed to cultivate its E-E-A-T, specifically regarding cloud migrations for legal sector businesses. As the company targeted the legal sector, establishing themselves as thought leaders was critical.

Building trust

Tim Cardinal, Transvault CMO, worked with Team Bamboo in the past. He recognised our ability to translate complex technical concepts into clear, consumable content while keeping business goals in focus.

Crafting the content strategy

To showcase Transvault’s proficiency in legal data migration, Team Bamboo crafted a series of long-form, evergreen blog posts exceeding 3,000 words each. These in-depth pieces tackled industry-specific topics relevant to legal firms, such as eDiscovery and data migration challenges.

Legal cloud migration leaders

By delving into intricate legal data topics, these comprehensive blog posts demonstrated Transvault’s profound understanding of the field’s complexities. This content strategy effectively positioned Transvault as thought leaders in cloud migrations for the legal sector, earning its people valuable trus­­­­­­­t and establishing them as a go-to provider for legal firms embarking on cloud journeys and digital transformations.

Growing the relationship

Bolstering Transvault’s content library authoritative, helpful content spanned several projects over multiple years to match the client’s strategic pace and budget considerations.

In 2023, our working relationship expanded as Transvault aimed to raise its profile in the legal sector through a targeted PR campaign.

Over four months, we devised a comprehensive strategy encompassing:

  • Thought leadership
  • Industry positioning
  • News announcements
  • Feature placements

“We know budgets are important. We worked with Transvault to make sure our services fit their financial picture. We offered­­­­ flexible options to spread the costs and keep things in line with the company’s plans,” said Marco Fiori, Bamboo PR’s Managing Director.

Designing a targeted PR campaign

To secure Transvault the best PR coverage possible, we worked together the figure out exactly what to achieve. We brainstormed with the Transvault team to understand their goals, who they wanted to reach, and their competition.

Then, to keep things on track and transparent, we used to plan and execute the entire strategy while also progressing weekly for those who didn’t have time to use our project management suite. This way, Transvault could see exactly what was happening every step of the way.

In the meantime, we conducted deep research into the ideal journalists to share Transvault’s story with. We built a bespoke and targeted journalist list who write about technology and law, the kind of publications that would be most interested in Transvault’s solution.

Winning meaningful results and building press relations

We helped Transvault strengthen its thought leadership in the legal tech space. This means we created content that positioned them as experts and had them noticed by important publications, such as:

  • Legal IT Professionals
  • Global Banking and Finance Review’s Biz Dispatch

We wrote press releases and articles that resonated with these publications – and it worked.

We saw a real difference. Transvault’s homepage views jumped by 25% thanks in part to the press releases and articles Team Bamboo created. Another press release highlighting Transvault’s legal sector growth brought in over 100 new visitors to their website in just a month. Overall, our PR efforts helped Transvault reach over 18,000 people in the legal world – and that’s a big win.

Our work with Transvault wasn’t just a one-time thing. We laid the groundwork for even bigger and better things in the future.

Bamboo delivers as a plug-in marketing partner

Reflecting on our project, Tim Cardinal said:

“Working with Bamboo has continued to have a strong upside for Transvault, being able to plug their services in whenever needed is possible thanks to their incredibly flexible way of working.


“Their strategic approach to content marketing and PR has given us the boost we wanted for our ongoing push into the legal sector, and we’re pleased with the momentum we managed to build over a short timespan with a boost in website traffic, media coverage and recognition within our target audience.”

Richard Joy, Bamboo PR's Account Manager for the Transvault PR project, said:

“Working with Tim and his team was a great exercise in delivering a targeted, methodical thought leadership campaign. The Transvault team was always on hand to reinforce our understanding of their service, which shone through in the content we delivered for this project.”

Marco continued:

“At Bamboo, we believe in more than just delivering projects. We're committed to fostering meaningful, long-lasting partnerships with our clients. Our collaboration with Transvault highlights this well, as we continue to be brought on board year after year for various projects spanning several sectors.


“Our clients trust us to deliver because we understand their goals and challenges. For us, it's about trust, transparency, and shared success. When our clients do great, so do we.”

The power of expertise and collaboration

Trying build a marketing presence in a different market is like attending a party where everyone knows each other, and you’re a late guest. For Transvault, it wasn’t about being new to the party but refining their position and amplifying their expertise in this space. That’s where Team Bamboo comes in.

We are all about strategic content marketing and PR working together. Think of content marketing as those conversation starters at the party – interesting blog posts about legal cloud migration challenges and solutions. PR is like getting invited to speak at a special event for legal professionals – it positions Transvault as an expert everyone should know.

Combining these efforts helped Transvault take centre stage at the legal cloud party. Our in-depth knowledge of the legal sector and collaborative approach with Transvault meant we could create content that resonated with their new market.

Our project further established Transvault as a thought leader; the go-to expert on legal cloud migrations. This strong reputation paves the way for Transvault’s continued success in the legal cloud space for years to come.