Bamboo turned 21 last year, so it’s finally recognised as a grown up in the United States – ironic considering the two decades plus we’ve helped American based companies expand their reach into the UK and EMEA.

This was my first full calendar year owning Bamboo, having purchased the company back in April 2022.

These reflections also come just over a year since the world said goodbye to Bamboo’s last custodian, Nicola Davies. I miss Nicola deeply every day and she sits on my desk to ensure her brightness and infectious energy is never far from me.

Bamboo has been, and continues to be, on a journey. Guiding clients through another period of significant technological innovation and industry disruption. Growing once again by adding an eighth person (hey, Prerana!). Refining and iterating how we do business.

I’ve seen our senior team ease the burden on me, develop as leaders and guide the next generation of Team Bamboo through the ups and downs of life. Our account managers have redefined brands, elevated companies, transformed marketing programmes and carried the weight of our reputation.

Behind the scenes, our operations team (lovingly referred to as Panda POPS (People, Operations, Processes and Systems) if you are old enough to remember that reference)) have cared for our team, sharpened our business and stayed endlessly patient with me as I’ve learned to let go of certain things.

Our brand has rebooted, our policies enhanced and our community grown.

I’m massively proud of what we achieved and we continue to invest in an incredible team that makes our clients’ lives easier and grows the businesses entrusted to us.

As robots seemingly take over the world, people reevaluate their crafts in the face of AI, and executives and marketers embark on another likely choppy year of business, I’m once again reminded that it’s the people who make all of this worth it.

Agency life is not the faint hearted but there’s nothing quite like it in the world. I’m privileged that after 14 years in this trade that so many of you reading these words have worked with us or would like to.

Thank you to everyone, and Team Bamboo wishes everyone the very best for the year ahead.

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