PrintBCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, published its annual IT strategy yearbook Digital Leaders. It covers a wide range of subject areas, from IT Strategy and Learning & Development, to Security and Cloud & Data Management.

Two of our clients were published in this year’s influential book and two more are expected online in the coming weeks.

Richard Jenkins of RF Code looks at data centre sustainability, explaining why ignoring data centre sustainability affects more than your business and how being ‘green’ has become an embedded business belief that should be considered at every point of the IT ecosystem. (Page 54)

On page 70, Gareth Richardson of Custom Connect UK examines ultra-low latency in regards to high frequency and algorithmic trading. He argues that ultra-low latency has created a race to zero as latency-focused enterprises search for network providers with the necessary capabilities.

For more information or to order your own copy of ‘Digital Leaders’, please visit If you’re interested in being positioned as a well-respected thought leader, we can help.


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