Securing new clients is tough. Sell the business outcomes. Become an expert. Help others.

Advice like this has been around a long time, leading many to search for fresh perspectives.

Comms Business – a high profile channel magazine that reaches nearly 20,000 decision-makers – publishes a broad mix of features every month, from technology buyer guides to practical leadership pieces. Driven on by a new decade, Comms Business asked the industry’s brightest executives to explore what qualities make a great salesperson.

IntraLAN’s CEO, Andy Horn, provided a series of insightful titbits on the matter, sharing how the hunter salesperson should adapt and lean on the spheres of influence that define modern buying behaviour. Andy also covered Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’s potential for enhancing the sales process and delivering relevant campaigns.

Our clients have enjoyed a steady stream of features this year. This Comms Business example shows our process at work, raising our clients’ profiles, spreading their brands far and wide, and building executive credibility.

Often features arise with little warning and short deadlines. Acting quickly increases your chance of being quoted but monitoring everything takes time; something our clients have in very limited supply.

That’s where we step in. Every single person has a specialism and uncovering that knowledge point so it can be shared with the world is something we’re experienced at.

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