SK LogoSamKnows, the global leader in broadband measurement, has brought its campaigning to Ireland. Consumers are invited to sign up for free and become part of the  revolution by helping improve Ireland’s (and the world’s) broadband performance.

Did you know? The moon now has faster broadband than rural Ireland.

Let’s help to change that. SamKnows has already conducted similar campaigns with the USA FCC, the European Commission, Singapore IDA and UK governments, and it is now independently carrying out its research with the public’s help in Ireland.

You can help out with this campaign if you’re from Ireland by signing up here or feel free to spread the word by letting someone you know in Ireland know about this by telling them to sign up.

To learn more about the SamKnows broadband campaign, please visit its website here.

If you’re interested in organising an interview with SamKnows’ CEO, please get in touch and we can help.

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