Want to keep more of your hard-earned cash? Us too.

That’s the underlying principle of What’sInStore – an app and website that notifies you when your favourite products are on offer.

This is because What’sInStore is highly personalised to you and you alone.

No more irrelevant offers. Say goodbye to out-of-date promotions. What’sInStore sends you savings as soon as they’re available within the locations set by you.

Only want the latest offers within a two-mile radius of your home? Sorted. Want the very best price by shopping online? Done. Have a party coming up and need to shave off a couple of quid from a crate of champagne? Check What’sInStore.

One of the best things about What’sInStore is that the retailer wins as much as the shopper does. With What’sInStore’s reporting, location data and insight, retailers can transform their discounting strategies in ways they never thought possible.

With the expense of Christmas stinging wallets across the country in January, now is as good a time as any to see what savings await. After all, those chocolate digestives won’t buy themselves…

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