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Capturing the hearts and minds of a global audience with compelling PR and communications.

When everyone is shouting, the quiet voice stands out.

We listen. We take time to consider what you need to say, why you need to say it, and who you need to say it to. We give it a lot of thought. Sometimes being quiet is the only way to cut through the noise.

How can a PR agency help my tech organisation?

Whether you’re a seasoned in-house PR professional, a generalist marketer or a passionate founder eager to get your name out there, a PR agency can help deliver your message to the world. A PR agency can lighten the communications load, provide strategic direction, build thought leadership or manage press dispatches. As an agency, we help organisations get to grips with PR, finding the best angle to communicate company news to the press and industry peers.

Our PR and Corporate Communication Services

Company positioning and appointments
PR, features and thought leadership
Q&As, interviews and case studies
Product launches
Company rebrands
Award programmes

Bamboo's strategic PR approach

Working with our clients to produce punchy content and enticing news stories, we provide strong guidance on the best approach to ensure your message is received loud and clear by the press. We’ve worked on everything from C-suite appointments to acquisition announcements, insightful thought leadership to snappy soundbites for press features. We know how difficult it is to measure PR which is why we provide progress updates and tangible reports to share with your wider team, marketing director and CMO.
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Ruth Paton - VQ Communications

“We have worked with Bamboo since the beginning of 2022, providing a range of marketing support, from writing and publishing our social media posts, creating our monthly customer newsletter and email campaigns, and, more recently, teaching and assisting us with best SEO practice for our blogs and website. From the outset, it felt like we added 4 or 5 additional members to our marketing team. Bamboo just got our culture, ethos, tone and style of writing. Our Bamboo colleagues are closely integrated members of the VQ team. It is a great pleasure to work together.”