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Social Media Marketing

Team Bamboo gives your brand an identity and puts people centre stage with engaging LinkedIn social media marketing.

Welcome to LinkedIn marketing with emotional intelligence

People love connecting with people. We give your company LinkedIn a personality and voice that's human, relatable and informed, helping to build a community and raise brand awareness.

Our Social Media Marketing Approach

Supported by engaging personal profiles, targeted campaigns, long-term relationship building and wider marketing initiatives, we ensure your LinkedIn company profile is engaging, populated with content, on message, and enticing.Industry best practice, effective social media workflows and creative content all come together.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Full planning and delivery
Engaging social media content
Eye-catching social media graphics
High quality articles for relationship building
Paid social management, analysis and optimisation
Social media campaign analysis and optimisation

Tried and tested social media strategies that work

When Polity Network messaged Team Bamboo, its LinkedIn page had 0 followers and a smattering of content. We built the best practice framework needed to grow its following to 1,000 followers within three months. With an audience in place, we then niched down into a core audience of governance-focused blockchain enthusiasts for the next stage of social media engagement.
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Matt Jenkins - Team Unlimbited, Trustee

"We can honestly say that we don’t know what we would have done without Bamboo PR. They have opened our minds to new possibilities and grown our social footprint by as much as 80% in what is essentially a tiny amount of time. They are not only incredibly skilled at what they do, but they are clearly experts in their fields with it.

"They know exactly what buttons to push and what response is likely to be achieved, and we cannot thank them enough for their help and guidance in building out our wonderful charity. Above everything, the thing we love most about working with Bamboo is just how much they love working with us. From the day we started working with them, they have been like an extension of our team. They are as passionate about what we do as we are ourselves. You couldn’t ask for a better partner!”