Chances are you’ve come across TruNarrative and haven’t even noticed.

And that’s exactly how TruNarrative likes it (when you’re a customer of one of its clients)…

Credit unions, payment processors, lenders, banks, betting providers, insurers and eCommerce players all use TruNarrative’s solution to verify identities, detect fraud, deliver eKYC, assess risk, comply with AML regulations and monitor accounts.

TruNarrative is part of the burgeoning RegTech sector, the fast-paced offshoot of FinTech transforming how businesses overcome regulation.

Nowadays, compliance is a critical business objective and a corporate department in its own right. Manual processes are rife. Throwing people at the challenge is the common, inefficient solution.

Technologies like TruNarrative’s are rewriting the rules, simplifying how companies deliver compliance. The company empowers compliance officers and risk managers in their mission to identify fraudulent transactions faster, onboard customers smoother and meet legal requirements.

TruNarrative’s reputation is already strong in the marketplace and we’ve been writing blogs to build its credibility even further.

This includes long-form pieces delving into Cifas fraud data, exploring the power of partnerships, covering the US sports betting market, and discussing how behavioural transaction monitoring is better than static rules-based systems.

Writing for these audiences is like solving a puzzle – the right pieces need to slot into place. Buyers already know the lay of the land so content needs strong research to establish credibility, a punchy writing style to entertain readers, and emotive language to capture attention in busy social media feeds.

Our content ticks all these boxes, and we’re excited to see what topics will come next.

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