INTG_LogoGrn_RGBWe’ve been doing the PR for Intego for almost a decade and with every new product launch we target more and more people with the company’s core Mac security message. Over the years we’ve moved from focusing on the technology press to include lifestyle publications, student magazines, Mac user groups, business verticals and many others.

With 2013’s redesigned product line, it was important to get people talking about Mac Premium Bundle 2013. Working alongside the internal US Intego team we used a range of how to caught wife using their cell phone content (infographics, blog posts, targeted media pitches, press releases, phone interviews, review copies) to generate a large amount of press interest and coverage.

The result has been much broader discussion of Intego and the security issues it believes in.

If you’d like similar help with product launches and generating interest in your target press, please get in touch.


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