This week, something exciting launched for all the expectant parents out there – the UK’s first family finance app helping to navigate the costly adventure of raising a family.

As StorkCard’s press release explains…

Parents enter their budget and baby’s due date, and StorkCard’s artificial intelligence creates a personalised spending plan that predicts the costs for clothing, feeding, sleep, play and travel over the baby’s first 12 months.

With StorkCard, people can take control of their family’s financial health, understand how and where their money will be spent and figure out ways to stretch their budget even further.

Ultimately, StorkCard lets parents focus on the joys of having children, not the costs.

As well as sharing the news with the UK media, the Bamboo PR team has also been celebrating the company’s recent appearance in Wired magazine.

The print edition is read by 265,000 people and more than 3.1 million fans read the digital copy. This makes Wired one of the world’s most respected voices on digital culture, science and technology.

Each issue, the magazine asks passionate entrepreneurs for inspiring content recommendations, be that podcasts, videos, websites or apps. This month, podcasts were on the agenda and StorkCard’s co-founder proudly shared his recommendation.

Press coverage comes in many forms, however getting into this publication is particularly competitive so it’s fantastic to see StorkCard appear in such a prestigious publication as it embarks on its next phase of growth.

If you would like to speak to StorkCard about its app and the soon-to-release AI-driven debit card account for all baby-related spending, message us via our live chat below or contact us here.

We’re more than happy to talk about how we arranged this coverage too.