StorkCard’s press coverage continues to come in following its official launch.

FinTech publications were the name of the game recently.

TechRound, Crowdfundinsider and FinTech Futures all took a healthy interest in the company’s mission and LondonLovesBusiness delved into the benefits StorkCard Village offers expectant and new parents.

And then there was coverage in Pick Me Up!. The feature, ‘Why Didnt We Think of This, details cool ideas and products that can help mums (and dads) in their busy lives.

The coverage didn’t stop there.

Winter (and Christmas in particular) is a challenging time for many families as gifts strain household finances.

TechNation’s recent feature covered innovative companies tackling societal issues that flare up during the festive period. StorkCard was a notable initiative on the path towards financial wellness.

With a new decade in full swing and StorkCard now out in the wild, we’re excited to hear what other publications think of the company’s mission.

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