Better Wholesaling features What’sInStore

February 13, 2019By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news

We’ve already established that What’sInStore is the shopper’s new hero and that their solution can help retailers increase sales and drive footfall. This time round, the team explained in more depth about how they’re helping wholesalers in Better Wholesaling. Better Wholesaling is one of the most trusted publications in the industry and provides advice to … Read More

Limbering up with Yoga Fundamentals

January 18, 2019By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news

Yoga. What do you picture? A young person warped into an unattainable position set against a sun-soaked backdrop? While we commend those capable of such flexibility, this vision puts many off. Another reason why people are apprehensive about yoga is because it’s difficult to achieve the correct posture to progress. So why are we, a … Read More

Blogs for days…

October 3, 2018By Bamboo PRBlog

We’ve discussed how important it is to be consistent with marketing content in our previous blog. This time, we’re discussing one of our favourite types of content, one that’s essential for any business that wants to position itself as an industry expert. From the title, you’ve probably already guessed it… blogs! The benefits of blogging … Read More

The more material the merrier…

September 17, 2018By Bamboo PRBlog

It’s always a bonus when our clients regularly upgrade their products and services as it provides us with tons of material to share with users on social media as well as with the press. Blogs, updates, and company changes – you name it! Our client Ascertia, makers of SigningHub, are a perfect example. Their included … Read More