BCW & Wired Spotlights Musion Business Potential

September 20, 2013By Bamboo PRBamboo News, Blog, Client news No Comments

It may be known for taking the entertainment world by storm, but much of Musion’s innovation is coming from the corporate world. Excitingly, holography is no longer a futuristic pipe dream. Many businesses are already using Musion TelePresence™ and Musion Eyeliner™ to conduct marketing campaigns, undertake remote keynote speeches and executive meetings, and boost customer … Read More

Musion Technology Sets Holographic Projection Guinness World Record

February 1, 2013By Bamboo PRBamboo News, Blog, Client news No Comments

This week our client Musion, along with exclusive Indian licensee, NChant 3D, celebrated the official awarding of a Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous live broadcasts of a Pepper’s Ghost illusion ever. This prominent award comes after an incredible political campaign by Narendra Modi in which he enlisted Musion’s expertise to broadcast a 55 … Read More

Starting 2013 with a Bang

January 8, 2013By Bamboo PRBamboo News, Blog No Comments

Happy 2013! Hopefully everyone enjoyed their time off, but there’s no rest for us. We’ve started the new year with fireworks full of coverage and ideas for our clients. As usual, Musion continued its trend of national broadcast and print coverage. The Christmas edition of The Sunday Times had a two page spread in the … Read More

Musion Launches Its New Website

November 9, 2012By Bamboo PRBamboo News, Blog, Client news No Comments

We’ve been keeping this secret for a while, but it seems the holographic cat is out of the bag. Musion has launched its new website. Anyone who had visited it before will hopefully find it more contemporary, easier to navigate and a better reflection on the company’s incredible technology. Check out the experience to see … Read More

Musion Technology Trends Around the World

May 4, 2012By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news 1 Comment

The past month has seen our client Musion in the news a lot. From its work trending globally on Twitter to interviews with BBC Breakfast and Bloomberg, the past few weeks have been explosive. One of the most talked about events of the year was the Coachella Music Festival, and for good reason. Over 100,000 … Read More

Musion and Masergy Demonstrate a World’s First in 3D Holographic Immersive TelePresence

January 23, 2012By Bamboo PRBlog, Client news 2 Comments

Our clients are truly groundbreaking, and no better example is Musion. On Wednesday 11th January, Musion combined its expertise with Masergy and AVSolution, to utilise Polycom’s Immersive Telepresence technology in a genuine world first. Musion is renowned for its 3D holographic projection technology Musion 3D, a breathtaking system that’s been used by the biggest names … Read More