Strategic Marketing for the Quantum Apocalypse

March 15, 2024By Kat GibbonsBlog

The whispers have been growing louder for years. Quantum computers, once relegated to the realm of science fiction, are rapidly becoming a reality. These powerful machines, capable of harnessing the strange world of quantum mechanics, hold immense potential for innovation – but also present a grave threat. As a technology-focused agency, Team Bamboo stays at … Read More

Google Core and Spam Algorithm Updates – March 2024

March 8, 2024By Kat GibbonsBlog

Since the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms like ChatGPT, AI-generated content has flooded the internet. Many companies saw it as a quick fix to increasing website traffic and search rankings and creating massive amounts of content in the blink of an eye. The thing is you can’t fool Google. March 2024’s Google Core and … Read More

What is Google Project Magi, and how will it impact search?

June 27, 2023By Kat GibbonsBlog

  Change is coming. Again. First mentioned in a New York Times article in April 2023, Google Project Magi is the most significant change to the search giant in more than a decade. Despite continuous algorithm updates, Google Magi promises extensive redevelopment with a short timeline to launch. Organic and paid search are a significant … Read More