We’re proud of our long history working with charities and it’s time to introduce our latest client in the space, Team UnLimbited.

With the charity spending its time designing and building 3D printed hands and arms, naturally there’s an interesting origin story behind its hard work.

Stephen Davies was born without a forehand and during his search for an affordable prosthetic he met Drew Murray. At the time, Drew was the only volunteer at e-Nable, a global movement making free 3D printed prosthetics for children, who could make the arm Stephen wanted.

The pair instantly clicked, and with Drew’s experience of 3D printing and Stephen’s 23 years as a designer uniting under one banner, the two founders soon created the first fully parametric 3D printable arm design.

Fast forward four years and Team UnLimbited’s open-source designs are used the world over, helping thousands of children and adults in the process. With such incredible engineering, technology and passion helping so many, the media interest over the years has been massive.

So large in fact, the team called us for help.

We got to work straight away, managing the charity’s press office and incoming media enquiries, assisting with social media content and management, and writing blogs to bring Team UnLimbited’s endeavours to as many people as possible.

We’ve loved working with the team so far and are excited for what the future holds. If you would like to contribute to Team UnLimbited’s mission, you can donate here.