Technology has the power to create a better world. Team UnLimbited, an incredible UK charity, consistently demonstrates this by creating 3D assisted devices for people with limb difference.

We are excited to share that co-founder, Stephen Davies, has been awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for his innovation and ongoing contribution to the limb difference community. 👏

Steve, who founded Team UnLimbited in 2014 with Drew Murray, responded to this honour by saying:

 “I would like to thank everyone who nominated me for this honour. We would not have achieved what we have without the joint effort of my fellow trustees and my endlessly supportive wife. We are massively grateful to all of our amazing supporters who have donated to Team UnLimbited over the years as well as the passionate global community that comes together to give the world a helping hand.”

Stephen and Drew started Team UnLimbited because of what they had experienced in their own lives. They wanted to find a powerful way to empower people born with limb difference.

The charity has come a long way since the dynamic duo made their first arm. Their invention made headlines when a video of Isabella receiving her arm, one of the charity’s first recipients, reached millions of views on YouTube.

Since then, Team UnLimbited’s Youtube Channel has grown to include many more videos of children having their lives transformed. Bamboo is in the process of helping the charity move these videos across to an official branded channel.

The charity is run by a small team of trustees: Stephen, Drew, Matthew, Ashley, and Rhian. With every colourful arm they create, the team is improving the confidence and courage of children and adults with limb difference all over the world. 🌍

Earlier this year, the charity helped our country when we desperately needed PPE. They temporarily repurposed their 3D printers to print thousands of PPE items for GPs, pharmacies, hospitals, carers, community nurses, paramedics, shop workers and others in need. We always feel honoured to be working with a small charity that continues to make such an extraordinary difference.

Team UnLimbited relies on donations to design and print its arms for free. To support them, feel free to visit or follow the charity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to speak to one of the team or involve Team UnLimbited in an upcoming press feature, you can message us through our live chat below or contact us here.