2019 was an amazing year for charity Team UnLimbited.

A permanent display at The Science Museum’s new medicine galleries. Speaking at the Abu Dhabi Ideas Festival for the second year running. Plenty of quirky and colourful arms designed. A competition with famous baker Briony May.

And those were just some of our favourite highlights…

All of these exciting achievements need a home, and Team UnLimbited recently renovated its own digital house – its website.

The charity’s refreshed online presence has brought its incredible work to the forefront, showcasing its 3D printed arms and sharing how others across the world are using the charity’s open-source designs to improve lives.

For those new to the charity’s work, Team UnLimbited empowers and inspires people with limb difference through the design and build of innovative 3D printed arm devices. It’s a noble endeavour and a charity we’re honoured to work with.

We’ve loved helping Team UnLimbited so far and are really excited for what this new decade will bring.

Contact us to speak to one of the team or involve Team UnLimbited in an upcoming press feature. You can message us via our live chat below too.