Brook Roberts LogoWhen first looking over the biography and works of innovative fashion designer, Brooke Roberts, we knew we had an exciting story to share with the press. Despite differing from our conventional clients, we knew that Brooke’s creations would be something we could talk passionately to the press about.

You see, Brooke isn’t your typical fashion designer, she’s also a cardiac radiographer. Her fashion influences come from the high-tech world around her, uniting contemporary technology and medical science to create ultramodern, bespoke designs with a techie twist.  Brooke interprets x-rays, CT and MRI scans to achieve striking graphic effects through colour and texture.  Each one of her collections celebrates the art within technology, science and the human body.

Introducing her work to the technology press has been an exciting task, with positive results appearing almost straight away. After securing an exclusive feature with Wired Magazine in the US, more interest has been generated including an article published by The Next Women. With Brooke planning on expanding into America towards the end of the year, we wish her all the best and will continue to show our support as we push for more features and articles.

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