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The cloud has matured, has your marketing and PR?  

"Back in my day, clouds were only in the sky..."

For many years, cloud providers traded on novelty - an astronomical shift in how businesses deliver, manage and pay for their technology.

Nowadays, competition is rife, buyers are wary, and slapping 'cloud' onto your marketing isn't enough.

Messaging needs to be compelling, so we help cloud and SaaS companies focus on the why, not the what or how.

This successful approach underpins every cloud client we have, whether cloud's their core business model or part of a broader service proposition.

This can be seen with BSO's cloud connectivity, IntraLAN and SCC AVS's expertise in 'as-a-service' collaboration technology, and SigningHub, the only choice for high trust e-signatures and digital trust.


Create impact with:

  • News & product launches across Cloud Pro, Computing and MicroScope
  • Content strategy and production for educating buyers in complex industries
  • Use cases that show what's possible with your private, public or hybrid solutions
  • Thought Leadership that position your brand as a leader in the space
  • Social Media using content and trends to amplify your brand
  • And so much more...

'As-a-Service' visionaries

The marketplace was changing; customers were gravitating away from expensive one-off purchases to flexible pay-monthly managed services.

The era of 'as-a-Service' technology had finally arrived and SCC AVS wasted no time creating Advanced Managed Collaboration and EasyMeet to capitalise on these opportunities.

New services naturally need new marketing, which led us to manage the branding, copywriting, landing page creation, sales collateral, blogs and social media for both services.


Refining customer journeys

The cloud certainly makes buying business technology easier, however it's user adoption that defines return on investment.

Like many cloud applications, SigningHub has to convert free trials into paying customers to deliver strong customer LTV.

Many early customer touch-points take place on email and these welcome messages, and the knowledge sharing emails that follow after, are crucial.

These emails also need continuous refinement, which is why over the years, we have assessed, optimised, tested and improved these email workflows again and again to ensure users are guided successfully towards SigningHub's ultimate goal.

Case Studies & Proven Results

IntraLAN originally brought us on to grow brand awareness in the UK IT channel. Soon after, IntraLAN's CEO asked us to manage the company's entire marketing output. You name it, we've done it - media relations, marketing collateral, partner marketing, social media, webinars, and website copywriting. And that's not forgetting launching WorkIN - a first-of-its-kind cloud solution built for hybrid working and remote teams.

“I began working with Bamboo when our marketing department was in its infancy, and they were a fantastic asset as we grew. The team was flexible, available and went above and beyond to support us. The quality of content was outstanding and they really grasped our identity and messaging. Great experience.”

"As we grow in region we need partners that can grow with us. Bamboo PR's flexibility, adaptability and easiness to work with make them an ideal partner. Knowing they understand our business gives me one less thing to think about at night."