Connecting you to the media 

(..and customers too )

More data, more opportunity

Connectivity used to be copper wires and telephone exchanges.

Now it's a complex web of specialist fibre networks, cross-continental subsea cables, advanced radio frequency, cloud-to-cloud interconnects and an endless list of other network technologies and standards.

Customer choice is dizzying and organisations are wary. To stand out, you need a confident brand and message.

Bamboo PR's extensive telecoms and connectivity experience includes everything from establishing BSO's dominant global position to sharing the work of consumer champion SamKnows, which holds broadband providers to account.

Our telecoms PR services include:

  • News announcements on everything from new network routes to partnerships with exchanges and cloud providers
  • Messaging that elevates your brand far above traditional value propositions built on latencies and performance
  • Global campaigns that tap into local markets and expand your international footprint
  • Blogs and thought leadership on the latest regulations, network standards and regional developments
  • Social media that brings to life your passion for connectivity, and tons of other services...

Boldly going where no operator has gone before

BSO sure has changed over the years - and so has our support.

Led by the passionate Michael Ourabah, our involvement has seen us deliver everything from global PR relations to specialist financial services copywriting.

Blogs in abundance, M&A announcements, compelling messaging, sharp and confident website copywriting - with our help, the company has become a global powerhouse serving the world's best data-empowered businesses.

If these activities sound like something you need, please contact us for help.