Some TLC in order? 

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A world where people live longer

MedTech is thriving across the world thanks to its noble cause - make people healthier, faster.

Anyone working in MedTech and HealthTech knows the sector covers everything from B2C mobile apps and wearable tech to advanced biomedicine, digital therapeutics and nanotechnology.

Standing out is challenging, especially with such a thick layer of regulation policing the industry.

Bamboo PR's expertise in MedTech was forged during Medopad's meteoric rise from ambitious startup to major global player as well as our work helping companies like MD ConsentsSCC AVS and Me Learning target the sector.


Our MedTech marketing builds your brand:

  • News coverage spanning The Telegraph and FT to The Lancet and Health Investor
  • Product launches capturing the attention of prestigious international media outlets
  • Engaging content showcasing your medical expertise and technology prowess
  • Website copy that's compelling, emotive and speaks to doctors, patients, investors and partners
  • Social media campaigns that extend your reach far across the world
  • Advertising copy that converts

From minnow to MedTech darling

We met Medopad early into its journey - just two founders wanting to help people live longer.

Even at that stage, Medopad only wanted the best coverage. We quickly secured national coverage in the Telegraph and raised awareness when KPMG named the company a unicorn in the making. A feature with the FT, an interview on BBC World News and write-ups in Bloomberg all followed.

Next, Medopad set its sights on its Series A. This saw us ramp up our PR campaigns and become its in-house marketing and content team.

The company has since rebranded.