Everyone has an opinion of PR. Sometimes these expectations are spot on, other times they’re wide of the mark.

Anyone working in PR knows it’s an intense career that’s fulfilling, enjoyable and dynamic. Naturally, such an exciting industry means plenty of lessons to learn and we thought it’d be helpful to collate these into a new eBook.

The lessons we run through are:

  1. What happens when a customer wants to be right?
  2. Has the telephone had its day?
  3. What’s the RAP principle?
  4. How do we stay sharp in an always-changing industry?
  5. Which special four letter word matters more than any other?

As always, we’re not asking for anything in return to access this guide – simply download below for a candid look into our industry and what we’ve learned along the way.

We welcome feedback from those new to our brand and from veterans of Bamboo, so feel free to email the author or contact us using our chatbot below.

Download the eBook here.

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