Tons of authentication, verification and processing behind the scenes, that’s what!

But first, a primer…

We’re diving into the fascinating world of RegTech with TruNarrative, our fast-growing scale-up client that recently expanded into the United States.

Unfortunately, as Tyler Lewis’ recent blog outlines, not every payment processor runs a super slick operation when it comes to transaction monitoring.

Many still rely on outdated static systems that throw up false positives, waste time and cause delays for customers.

RegTech is helping companies overcome this challenge through machine learning-enabled behavioural monitoring. These systems grow in confidence and capability over time.

Essentially, the longer behaviour is monitored and tracked, the more valuable systems become. Partnerships with merchants, banks and lenders get stronger. Employees become more productive. The business’s revenue grows.

These compelling outcomes, amongst many others, are why payment processors are flocking to TruNarrative’s no-code platform for seamless onboarding and user verification.

Here at Bamboo, we find regulated industries like the one TruNarrative works within incredibly interesting – they’re full of disruptive tech startups, legacy providers digitising their offerings, and plenty of innovation.

The pace of change leads itself to cool content hooks, like this blog analysing American sports betting or trawling through Cifas fraud reports to create an interesting story.

Making subjects like compliance, money laundering and RegTech relatable is work we never tire of.

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