Each person that Team UnLimbited helps usually has a hero they look up to. More often than not, these heroes are someone famous – sometimes a public figure with a limb difference of their own.

Team UnLimbited often receives design requests inspired by these heroes, so it got us thinking – why don’t we celebrate these people?

After all, the charity isn’t only passionate about designing 3D printed arms – they also work hard to raise awareness about what it’s like to live with a limb difference.

To help the team in their mission, we donned our thinking caps to come up with a campaign celebrating those in the public eye setting an amazing example.

#NotSoLimbited was born and it’s all about shining the spotlight on pop culture icons, sportspeople, comedians and public figures who have a limb difference. To date, we’ve highlighted comedian Alex Brooker, Cbeebies presenter Cerrie Burnwell and remembered iconic artist Frida Kahlo. And there are plenty more to come!

Each week, the response has grown on social media and as #NotSoLimbited starts to gain more and more attention, we’re excited to see how the campaign develops and evolves.

If you want a creative way of reaching more people on social media like Team UnLimbited’s, contact us today.