Our take on the trusty email newsletter is officially here!

The beady eyed amongst you may have spotted it already – it had snuck into Marco’s email signature over the last few months and he has been feverishly contacting people about its launch.

For those yet to join the fun, Beyond Bamboo is a concise, informative regular read full of helpful PR resources, interesting companies, real use-cases and a direct conduit to the community we’ve built over nearly two decades.

As we mention here for those interested in subscribing, the newsletter contains insightful content on how to do great PR and marketing through strategies you can actually use (with or without us), sneaky tricks and insider tools, examples of great campaigns and our favourite thing, fun!

This is for anyone who wants to understand PR more, upskill themselves, build new connections, and are intrigued as to what happens behind the scenes at Bamboo PR.

We know email inboxes are fuller than ever, which is why Beyond Bamboo is intentionally punchy, accessible and perfect for a quick scan.

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