Thought leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Authoritative bylined articles. Guest blogs to help with search engine visibility. Partner marketing to expand a company’s reach. Branded content.

Nowadays, thanks to content marketing’s popularity, every company has a blog (us included!) where they hustle, jostle and shout for attention.

Large enterprises and publicly traded companies may have deeper marketing pockets, but they are no different, as shown by this recent blog from PLC, McCarthy & Stone, the retirement community specialist.

McCarthy & Stone recently took a look at yoga for over-60s on its blog and enlisted the help of Yoga Fundamentals’ course teacher, Thomas Pedersen, for advice.

Thomas’ insight is captured excellently within Yoga Fundamentals, a collection of easy-to-follow online courses for all ages, including those in their golden years, anyone intimidated by a traditional yoga gym class, people with mobility issues and fans of at-home exercise.

A while back we covered our work with Yoga Fundamentals and it’s fulfilling to help Thomas share his years of experience, extensive knowledge of osteopathy and passion for limbering up.

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