Workforces can collaborate in endless ways 

Make sure you're at the top of their lists

The workplace isn't changing, it's already changed...

Enterprises are obsessed with driving greater productivity. Smaller businesses relentlessly question older ways of working.

As a result, new collaboration solutions spring up every day and workplace technology now spans everything from unified communications and enterprise-grade video conferencing, to specialist software for HR and intuitive project management apps.

At the forefront of workplace transformation is SCC AVS, our longest running client. To this day, we are still the company's only internal marketing resource.

Other passionate advocates are Footdown, which through a unique blend of traditional consultancy services and its advanced Robo Adviser technology is helping companies improve workplace performance. There's SigningHub too, which is driving faster decision-making through its high-trust e-signatures.


Send your brand skyward with marketing built for collaboration heroes:

  • News stories, features and press interviews on how you're championing better collaboration
  • Bylined articles on workplace trends like flexible working, digital transformation and generational shifts
  • Case studies that shine the light on your tangible use-cases
  • Intimate events that educate end-users about the changing workplace
  • Internal comms and staff newsletters that improve collaboration in your own business
  • Joint marketing campaigns that engage partners and expand your reach further
  • And many other services...

From a team of six to a 60-strong workforce

Over the many years we've worked with SCC AVS, the company has grown in size and stature.

The workplace has changed just as much - when we began clouds were only found in the sky, unified communications was anything but unified, and telepresence was earmarked as the next big thing. Many of these technologies have flourished or foundered in the years since.

Our relationship with SCC AVS has flourished too. Activities include rebrands, partner marketing, events, award wins, PR, blogs, website launchesvideos, marketing collateral, newsletters, and it's wise to stop there for the sake of your time...

How will the workplace look in another decade's time? We'll have to let you know...

“Bamboo PR is a friendly and knowledgeable company. Their highly professional approach and ability to react to challenges means that I can concentrate on my own job in confidence that our marketing and PR is in very capable hands. They've become a hugely valuable part of our team.”

Putting our foot down in a positive way

We've never met another company like Footdown and that's in an industry where it's incredibly challenging to stand out.

Then again, Footdown isn't your traditional consultancy. It's also a software company. A maverick. A bringer of positive change.

In our numerous years of collaboration, we've helped Footdown sharpen its services and product suite, educated the business community about the benefits of organisational health and company culture with thought leadership, and influenced business leaders with compelling social media.



Collaboration comes in many forms

Some technology aims to improve collaboration, other solutions drive collaboration through use.

SigningHub falls into the second category with its secure cloud-based e-signature solution that accelerates decision-making, breaks down silos and increases productivity.

We focus on these business benefits in everything we do for the company - from its quarterly customer newsletter and website copy, to blogs, eBooks, email campaigns and targeted media relations in the press.