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From FinTech startups to well-established financial tech firms, we understand the complexities of your industry and the value of building a trusted reputation.

Finance was transformed when FinTech arrived. The same happened with marketing and Bamboo.

Facing the pressure of getting your FinTech in front of customers? Our PR and marketing expertise guides you to success.

Unlock the power of effective FinTech marketing

FinTech isn't for the fainthearted. Brands must court traditional institutions, dazzle prospective customers and invoke confidence in their operations. It's a trust play and marketing plays a critical role in this process. We've helped countless FinTechs and financial services firms get noticed, raise their standing and capture market share. From investor software platforms to Decentralised Finance, we've dealt with it all.

Rise up the market with Team Bamboo's FinTech PR and marketing services

Top tier product launches in publications like FinTech Finance, Pymnts, Bloomberg and WatersTechnology
Effective content that educates investors, buyers and partners
Data driven digital marketing and SEO that captures intent
Thought leadership that position your executives as knowledgeable experts
Real-time social media campaigns that match the speed of modern finance
Tone of voice and messaging that cuts through the status quo

Case Study: 2iQ Research

2iQ Research is the go-to platform for insider transaction data, with hedge funds, speculative investors, quants and banks all trusting the company's technology for investment analysis. Team Bamboo built a real-time blogging, social media, PR and content machine that served these audiences with daily investment insights, on-the-money trading alerts and deep-dive white papers that enhanced 2iQ's credentials. We also helped launch its industry-changing politician data platform, Capitol Trades.
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Zahl Limbuwala - CBRE Romonet, Co-founder and CEO

“Bamboo have expertly assisted us, not just with pure PR, but with copy production for customer case studies, draft writing and placing industry articles with journalists and publications, and most impressively, with writing killer submissions for industry awards. Through their ability to write award submissions that really capture the judges’ imaginations, we’ve won many awards with Bamboo’s assistance.”