On a stuffy August afternoon, Apple smashed through the $1 trillion market capitalisation barrier as one of the greatest turnaround stories in corporate America.

This is a company that flirted with bankruptcy in its early history due to a string of failed product launches and poorly received messaging.

That’s in stark contrast to the health of the company today. Sales reached $229bn last year with a valuation that’s only 15 times expected profit. If Apple was a sovereign nation, it’d occupy number 17 on the IMF’s country rankings, far surpassing Turkey with GDP of $849bn.

Apple is an astonishing success story and one that’s been fascinating to chart during our time working with Intego, the world leader in Mac security.

Intego was Bamboo PR’s first ever client and Apple’s rapid rise meant Intego’s own customer numbers grew just as quickly.

The media’s interest in Intego exploded when the iPhone and iPad launched. In its earliest days, the Apple press landscape was a specialist area. Now it is a thriving ecosystem full of enthusiast bloggers, YouTube influencers, technical gurus and large news outlets solely dedicated to covering the world’s most valuable company.

But with Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet in the wings, the real question though is how long will Apple hold onto its crown? Let us know.