Businesses across the country are pivoting, adapting and reworking their offerings to overcome the challenges imposed by sudden lockdown and our clients are no stranger to this, as demonstrated by the excellent Adverttu NHS Driver Volunteer Support Programme. 🚗

Created in a matter of days, the amazing Adverttu NHS Driver Volunteer Support Programme connects brands with key workers and NHS volunteers to, as Prolific London recently summarised:

“…help as many drivers as [possible]. Each £300 package [paid for by the brand] provides a driver with £200 across two months to cover extra costs and fuel while £100 produces the decal that a driver affixes to their car to show the supporting brand and identify them as an official volunteer.”

This direct financial support is proving invaluable help to the hundreds of volunteers in Adverttu’s 17,000 driver community, 8% of which are NHS Volunteers. 👨🏼‍⚕️

Key worker roles include NHS employees, healthcare and nursing professionals, gig economy workers, delivery drivers, military personnel, the police and public sector staff.

As well as promoting this story with coverage in outlets bDaily, Econsultancy and London Loves Business amongst many more, we have gotten involved ourselves and are supporting our own driver. Here are some photos of our branding on the car. 😎

So what does the Adverttu NHS Driver Volunteer Support Programme look like in practice?





We’re proud to be taking part in this and thank everyone keeping our country running, protecting the vulnerable and ensuring the majority of us can stay at home safe and sound.

If you are interested in joining Adverttu’s movement and sponsoring a driver, head on over here to get signed up – you can start by supporting a single key worker or support more people at once if you want to have an even bigger impact.

Alternatively, if you are a volunteer or key worker yourself and want to join, sign up here too.

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