Google Duo Headboard

Google released Duo this week, its direct challenge to Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype.

Will Duo succeed like Google’s search and advertising products? Or, will it suffer the same fate as other ambitious projects such as Wave and Google Glass?

These are the types of questions being debated by industry commentators. Some are saying Duo is a better product because it works on every device.

True, but this overlooks a fundamental issue at play, one beyond interoperability and “can I talk to my friends on an iPhone?”

People are still apprehensive about appearing on video. It’s that simple. For every workplace embracing visual communications, there are teams which prefer the phone or email.

Attitudes are changing. “Do we have to appear on video?” has become a less common quip, but resistance remains. Essentially the more people use video, the more comfortable they become.

That said, until those who are stoically reluctant answer a video call, companies such as Google still have work to do.

Google may finally break down barriers, especially as Duo is extremely easy to use, but the company has to do more than just put resources behind the product to make it a success.

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