HOPE HIV LogoOur client HopeHIV supports children in the most deprived areas of sub-Saharan Africa. This year it is making momentous changes and Bamboo PR is proud to be helping out with communications and marketing support. The biggest change is that, after 15 years as HopeHIV, in October the charity will be changing its name to WeSeeHope.

HopeHIV was founded in 2000 with the aim of supporting vulnerable children, particularly those orphaned by AIDS in South and East Africa. It carefully chooses partners already at work on the ground, funding individual projects, helping with valuable advice, guiding wise decisions, initiating local income generation, and encouraging best practice.

It currently has 19 project partners, in 185 communities, reaching 52,000 vulnerable children and young people in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

As WeSeeHope, the charity will continue to act upon its belief that these young people, rather than merely being helpless victims, have the potential to lead changes in their families, communities and countries and create a better future for Africa.

For further information, and true-life stories of children helped, contact us here.


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