Whichever industry you work in, regulation is an unavoidable part of doing business globally, as e-signature leader Ascertia knows all too well.

In the PKI and e-signature industry, regulations vary country to country (we once wrote a guide on this subject) with eIDAS being one of the most significant. For those new to the industry and without delving into too much detail, eIDAS provides a consistent legal framework and single market for the recognition of electronic signatures and identities across all EU member states.

Naturally, as is the case with all regulations, eIDAS keeps pace with the global economy, which as a result sees Ascertia constantly innovating to comply with the regulation.One recent development from Ascertia is its ADSS SAM Appliance, which is:

“…the first Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) that meets the new eIDAS regulations and ETSI/CEN standards of EN 419 241-1 and protection Profile EN 419241-2 with Sole Control Assurance Level 2 to deliver the highest levels of trust when creating Qualified Remote Signatures on behalf of Natural Persons and Natural Persons linked to Legal Entities.”

On the surface, e-signatures are a revelation for productivity, yet underneath this seamless user experience is incredibly robust technology and an exceptionally knowledgeable team navigating a complex regulatory landscape to meet customers’ requirements.

Understanding this heady mix of technical and regulatory detail and translating it into a relatable, understandable message is our forte.

If your sector is equally complex and you need help communicating your proposition to your audience, get in touch.