Medopad Patient MonitoringOur client, Medopad has been busy recently. Its Patient Monitoring solution has been deployed at two leading healthcare organisations.

The first is with The Harley Street Clinic, part of HCA Healthcare UK, which is the world’s first hospital to use a paediatric cancer patient monitoring solution. Patients are equipped with wearable technology to provide doctors with a continuous stream of vital clinical data which is accessible through Medopad’s solution.

You can read more about this in Information Age.

The second collaboration is with The Leg Ulcer Charity – a UK charity empowering people suffering with leg ulcers.

Medopad launched a new mobile application for patients and their carers across the UK.

The app will improve how ulcers are treated and expand knowledge of the condition. In its first phase, the app will be available for 25,000 patients, before rolling out to over 500,000 people.

It helps patients monitor their leg ulcers by recording any signs of improvement, which will help carers better understand which types of dressings, stockings and compressions are having a positive effect.

This story was covered across the press with our help, including Venous Times.

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