Intego Logo 2016Today our client Intego released its latest product, Flextivity.

Flextivity, is the only all-in-one security and employee monitoring solution designed specifically for the Mac-based small and medium size business owner. Built and delivered in the cloud, Flextivity empowers small business owners to implement flexible security and employee monitoring policies that deliver a more productive and accountable workforce.

“As most security experts will attest, employees often represent the weakest link to a company’s overall security posture. Whether it’s inadvertently executing a piece of malware over email or visiting a hijacked domain, the integrity of most computer networks are most often compromised by employee behaviour,” said Jeff Erwin, President & CEO of Intego. “This is especially true for small businesses who often don’t have a dedicated IT expert on staff. With Flextivity, these businesses can at once secure their entire network while providing top-level activity monitoring that provides an additional layer of behaviour-based security enforcement.”

Some of the key features of the Flextivity solution include:

  • Control access to applications: Administrators can configure exactly which applications employees can access as well as when they can access them;
  • Customise limits on Internet access: Granular controls allow business owners to set common sense time and location-based limits on Internet access to increase productivity;
  • Event triggered screenshots: Administrators can automatically capture screenshots from an employee’s workstation via pre-configured or custom keywords, helping protect a company from potential liability concerns;
  • Web content filtering: Managers can set boundaries for Internet use at work, which can be defined by categories, content types (i.e., audio/video), as well as location aware policies.

Please get in touch if you would like a demo of Flextivity.


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