We recently covered the value of entering awards (well done to Volo Commerce for winning Best Product of the Year at the eCommerce Awards!) and the role bylined articles play in the PR process.

Our next focus follows a breakfast roundtable held by our client SCC AVS.

Corporate events can vary from workshops, roundtables, hospitality and seminars, to larger conferences, expos and summits. Whatever the format, they offer a strong focal point to market your company around.

For an event to succeed, there needs to be an integrated and sustained marketing campaign across multiple channels and meticulous logistics management.

Your toolkit should include at a minimum:

  • A registration landing page
  • Listings on event websites
  • Regular email marketing to warm-up prospective attendees
  • A dedicated sales resource to follow-up marketing communications
  • Strong incentives to attend, valuable content on the day
  • Social media
  • Website blogs leading up to the event and summaries after
  • Video recordings on the day for those who cannot attend

Please let us know if you need help guiding you through the process – after all, we’ve been helping our clients run successful events since 2002.