Time for some PR lessons…

September 20, 2019By Monica GasparBamboo News, Blog, Technology News

Everyone has an opinion of PR. Sometimes these expectations are spot on, other times they’re wide of the mark. Anyone working in PR knows it’s an intense career that’s fulfilling, enjoyable and dynamic. Naturally, such an exciting industry means plenty of lessons to learn and we thought it’d be helpful to collate these into a … Read More

Team UnLimbited and Team Bamboo

June 30, 2019By Monica GasparBamboo News, Blog

We’re proud of our long history working with charities and it’s time to introduce our latest client in the space, Team UnLimbited. With the charity spending its time designing and building 3D printed hands and arms, naturally there’s an interesting origin story behind its hard work. Stephen Davies was born without a forehand and during … Read More

The Only Awards eBook to Read This Year!

January 11, 2019By Bamboo PRBamboo News, PR Awards

Over the years we’ve celebrated many client wins – there was the year Volo stormed the awards circuit with many other clients close behind to the time CBRE Romonet won one award after another. We’ve also answered an age-old question: can you win awards if you don’t sponsor?* One of the most difficult things with business awards … Read More

Coin Central interviews 0chain with our help

December 10, 2018By Monica GasparBamboo News, Blog, Client news

We’ve been working alongside 0chain for some time now, assisting them with a range of press activities such as blogs, commissioned articles, briefs and interviews. In case you’re new to what 0chain does, the company is developing the world’s fastest enterprise blockchain to provide blockchain as a service, decentralised storage and other business applications – … Read More

The world’s fastest enterprise blockchain…

October 30, 2018By Monica GasparBamboo News, Blog

Blockchain has set the world alight. From crypto’s staggering peaks to tangible business initiatives, blockchain is all anyone can talk about. It’s a cultural movement, behavioural rethink and massively disruptive force all rolled into one. The industry is also incredibly passionate, tribal, technical and visionary. We have seen this working with our newest client, 0chain. … Read More

Reflecting on Bamboo PR’s 15th Year

December 19, 2017By Monica GasparBamboo News, Blog

2017 saw Bamboo PR turn fifteen years old. In that space of time, we’ve seen the rise of the smartphone, the growth of social media, online video become one of the most powerful marketing channels available and PR change irrevocably. In 2017 we welcomed new clients from a variety of different sectors including Footdown, masters … Read More

Footdown in the media

November 15, 2017By Monica GasparBamboo News, Client news, Media News

Our client, Footdown, has had an excellent year in the media with our help. For those unfamiliar with the company, Footdown analyses an organisation’s culture, employee engagement and its overall performance, identifies what an organisations lacks and provides a solution – F1.1. – to help senior executives raise workforce performance and competitive advantage. If you … Read More

What’s it like being an apprentice at Bamboo PR?

September 18, 2017By Bamboo PRBamboo News, Blog

Congratulations to Monica Gaspar for completing her apprenticeship programme with us this week. Monica has been hard at work the past six months, helping the Bamboo team and learning everything about digital marketing and public relations, all the while completing her coursework and formal assessments! A great achievement! Monica’s experience at Bamboo has included expanding … Read More