My Social Book beautifully preserves family memories with its luxury photobooks, but what about furrier family members?

Pets are easily celebrated and immortalised with My Social Book’s printed Instagram books. Pet owners, ‘petfluencers’ and those working with animals are some of the company’s favourite customers and they’ve contributed to the company’s impressive 600,000-books-sold-milestone.

As this announcement revealed, it’s little surprise that these passionate animal lovers are using My Social Book to look back on their favourite moments while growing their social media friends and fans.

Animal related businesses are joining in the fun as well by using the innovating automated printing platform to engage customers and drive loyalty.

My Social Book’s CEO, Charles Becquet, chimed in on the craze with: “For many of us, our loyal companions are as important as any other family member. People take photo after photo, so it’s easy to see why My Social Book has become a hit within this fast-growing sector. People love turning their pet’s social media activity to look back on and a pet yearbook is the ideal gift.”

We love My Social Book’s infinite uses and this is another example where passionate people are using its products in interesting ways.

Contact us if there are use-cases you are considering as a PR story.

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