Over the years we’ve celebrated many client wins – there was the year Volo stormed the awards circuit with many other clients close behind to the time CBRE Romonet won one award after another.

We’ve also answered an age-old question: can you win awards if you don’t sponsor?*

One of the most difficult things with business awards is knowing which are best for your company.

There are so many. Plenty lack prestige. Some are actually money-making schemes. Others might sound credible but lack substance in reality.

That’s where we come in, separating the wheat from the chaff and creating a highly targeted list for our clients. We scour the marketplace to find award programmes that pack the largest punch.

And we write entries from start to finish; exceptionally compelling company profiles that win over judges and bring home the top prize.

To help companies new to the awards process, we’ve crafted an eBook sharing six of our favourite awards businesses could enter and plenty of helpful tips for those who need a refresher on the topic.

Download the eBook here and feel free to share with your contacts. Good luck and we’re always here to help if you need any support preparing your entry.

*For those short of time, the answer is yes.